50mm Insulated Roof Sandwich Panels

50mm Insulated Roof Sandwich Panels

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The roof is one of the most important parts of the building structure and the one most affected by natural conditions such as snow, rain, and storms. Thanks to DaChang's 50mm insulated roof sandwich panels, you can ensure thermal, moisture, water, sound,

Depending on how investors and designers feel about their buildings, DaChang produces cold storage panels and 50mm insulated roof sandwich panels in the form of insulated roof panels with 3 and 5 ribs, with standard and concealed thread options. Among its product line are membrane roofing GRP roofing panels for low-slope terrace roofs and modern livestock facilities.


Type50mm Insulated Roof Sandwich Panels

Approach: Improve the roof drainage effect, which can reduce wind pressure and wind suction, suitable for typhoon areas. While ensuring the heat preservation effect of the building, it effectively reduces construction costs. For example, rock wool has better fire resistance performance.;

Panel Material: Color Steel;


Length of Veneer: Up to 24 m;

Veneer Width:≤1,000 m;

Insulation Material: Polyurethane Foam, Rock Wool;

Fire Rating: B1/B2, Level A; 

Application: Inclined roof, the roof slope can reach 5% minimum.


50mm Insulated Roof Sandwich Panels Features

  1. 50mm insulated roof sandwich panels design includes exterior aesthetics, weather barrier, insulation, and vapor barrier;

  2. 50mm insulated roof sandwich panels simplify design, reduce complexity, increase efficiency, and lower installation costs;

  3. Trapezoidal vertical rib design provides additional strength to prevent potential bodily injury;

  4. Lightweight 50mm insulated roof sandwich panels make the installation process easier to handle and very light - no crane or special equipment is needed to move panels.

50mm Insulated Roof Sandwich Panels Crimp Selection


Stainless Steel Plate0.326

Hook Type Cold Storage Panels

We mainly used trapezoidal ribs for the selection of roof insulation board compression ribs.


50mm Insulated Roof Sandwich Panels Core Competitiveness

50mm Hook Type Cold Storage Panels Core Competitiveness

Energy saving

Polyurethane insulation board has good sealing properties, thereby blocking the natural loss of energy and achieving a good effect of energy saving and electricity saving.


Safe and Reliable

The use of advanced and high-quality units can quickly replace thermal energy and refrigerate the regional space, and keep it fresh and store it in time.

Hook Type Cold Storage Panels

Humanized Design

Dachang polyurethane cold storage panels are simple to install, easy to operate, humanized in every aspect of the design, and can be quickly assembled by an ordinary person.


High Utilization

The length of the single body of the hook type cold storage panel can be 24 meters, which minimizes the gap of the interface, and the appearance is more smooth and more beautiful.

Hook Type Cold Storage Panels

Private Custom

Dachang will customize and design for customers in detail according to the actual situation of the site and start with the actual needs of customers to give full play to the best performance of the cold storage board so that both parties can achieve a win-win situation.

Polyurethane Cold Storage Panel Production Base

Polyurethane Cold Storage Panel Production Base

The primary production base of Dachang cold storage insulation panels is in Dongguan, Guangdong-Dachang, Guangdong. It covers an area of 30000 square meters. It is the largest and most advanced PIR polyurethane cold storage thermal insulation board production base in South China. The principal business is cold storage panels, cold storage doors, walk-in refrigerators, and wall insulation boards. It can provide customers with socket type, hook type, arc-angle polyurethane insulation panel, metal sandwich insulation board, and industrial cold storage door, and it is the leader in cold storage, freezing, refrigeration, and prefabricated integrated energy-saving solutions building.

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