About Us


We found Dachang, in 1992, focused on energy-saving insulation boards. An industrial door manufacturing company in southern China has the largest and most advanced PIR insulation board production base; our existing core business is the lock hook, jack polyurethane (PIR) sandwich panels with metal surfaces of industrial door development, production, and sales; to provide customers with Cold Storage Panel, Cold Storage Door, Walk-in Refrigerator, Wall Insulated Panels and assembly building integrated energy solutions; 

Expand market share, increase productivity, improve product quality, and reduce production costs. Founded in 2018 in Guangxi Dachang energy-saving insulation Technology Co., Ltd., the factory covers an area of 24,000m², a building area of 18,000m², set up two automatic production lines, and supporting workshops, cold plate production, sheet metal construction available, industrial doors and other products, the output value of design Up to 300~400 million yuan or more.

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