How to maintain the walk in refrigerator room after installation?

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In daily life, we put the general cold storage into use after installation and construction, and continuous operation will inevitably lead to the aging of the equipment. Therefore, good maintenance of refrigeration equipment can not only effectively extend the service life of the cold storage and reduce the operating energy consumption of the cold storage, but also effectively avoid sudden failures in using the cold storage. So, how should we do the maintenance work after the cold storage installation? Hong Kong and China Refrigeration experts teach everyone to start from the following points:

1. Check whether the parameters such as the temperature and temperature difference of the refrigeration equipment are consistent with the specified parameters. We customized the temperature and temperature difference parameters of the cold storage according to user requirements when the cold storage leaves the factory. After understanding the technical parameters of the cold storage, set the parameters on the controller. During use, problems such as high air humidity, long defrosting intervals, or abnormal temperature settings in cold storage will cause the evaporator to frost. We require manual treatment to defrost the refrigeration equipment.

2. Regularly check whether the power supply voltage of the refrigeration equipment is stable. The power supply is the primary source of power for the normal operation of cold storage. It is very important to check the power supply voltage of the refrigeration equipment regularly. Routine maintenance mainly checks whether the power supply voltage is normal (three-phase four-wire), whether the power supply voltage is stable, whether the main switch protection function of the power supply is in normal use, and whether the power supply line is aging or damaged.

3. Regularly maintain the condenser. The condenser in the refrigeration unit is extremely easy to be contaminated, and this extremely easily contaminated equipment should be cleaned regularly. The cleanness of the condenser is more conducive to maintaining good heat transfer, heat dissipation, and cooling effects for refrigeration equipment.

4. Check the refrigeration unit regularly. Check whether the connecting pipes between the refrigeration units and the connecting pipes on the valves are intact to avoid refrigerant leakage (generally, oil stains are left in the leakage area). The most commonly used leak detection method is to dip a sponge or soft cloth with detergent and then spread it evenly on the place where the leak is to be detected. After a few minutes, if there are bubbles, it indicates that there is a leak, and then you can take the corresponding remedial measures.

5. Regularly lubricate the equipment that frequently moves or switches in the warehouse. For example, the hinges handles, and door locks of cold storage doors should be regularly lubricated according to the actual situation to ensure the normal use of this equipment.

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